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What is self storage?

Self storage involves rental of closed private spaces for storage of property by individuals and companies who lack space for keeping documents, furniture or other unused but still useful office or household items.

In a world where space is increasingly at a premium, and where apartments are getting smaller while prices per square metre for office space are on the rise, many find themselves falling back on garages, basements or even rental premises, without realising that not all these options are suitable or secure for storage.

And because we also operate self-storage facilities, we know that the Italian market is booming and that significant growth can be expected in the sector. This is a business that can generate excellent returns of up to 15-20%.
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Why build a self-storage facility?​

  • Low conversion, start-up and operating costs

  • Increasing demand for self-storage because contracts are flexible and fast

  • Demand from commercial and industrial activities on the rise

  • Project easily integrated into existing activities.

Do you have an unused building big enough to accommodate a self-storage facility and your new business project?

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About us

Doss Trento snc was the first company in Italy to undertake construction of self-storage solutions. After using self-storage solutions made by a UK supplier for our Warehouse of Things, we decided to rise to the challenge and shift up a gear, becoming constructors of 100% made-in-Italy self-storage solutions from 2018.
We have been active in the self-storage sector since 2013 and have tried and tested solutions, partnerships and tools tailored to each market and stage of development. Today, as service providers and builders, we have the skills needed to help our customers ensure the best return on investment.

Our services

  • Self-storage feasibility consultancy

  • Conversion of buildings into turnkey self-storage facilities

  • Individual quotes

  • Assistance for start-ups

  • Industrial leases for warehouses

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Partition building

Do you have an unused space or building that you want to convert for self storage and are on the lookout for a professional and reliable partner who knows the sector? Do you need more space for storing goods, filing paperwork and documents and have empty land or buildings you’d like to put to good use? Do you want to add a new income stream to your existing business at a low cost?

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Industrial leases

Do you have an industrial shed or warehouse you want to rent out but aren’t sure who to contact?
Do you want the peace of mind of working with a partner dealing exclusively with commercial property?
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