Industrial leases

Industrial sheds and warehouses for rent

We have been operating for decades in Trentino Alto Adige and beyond, under the Doss Trento snc name and previously with the companies we have developed over the years. We know the area and its business and industrial fabric.
Over the years, we have built up considerable expertise in industrial property leasing.

Today can we offer our customers:

  • a tailored rental service for our own properties, with considerable savings on agency costs;

  • an agency service for rental of industrial properties (sheds and warehouses).

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How an industrial lease works

Industrial buildings are rented using the legal instrument of a non-residential buildings lease.
‘A lease is a contract whereby one party undertakes to allow another party to use movable or immovable property for a given period of time, in return for an agreed payment.’ (Article 1571 of the Italian Civil Code).

Contratto di affitto

A rental agreement for an industrial shed or warehouse must contain the following information:

  • the date of conclusion of the agreement (the agreement must be registered within a set period from that date and must have a renewable term established in advance);

  • clear identification of the parties to the agreement acting in the capacities of lessor and lessee;

  •  identification data of the building forming the subject matter of the lease (address, land registry data, its component premises, services and appurtenances, and its intended use, which correspond to its leased use);

  • rent amount and payment arrangements;

  • term of the agreement (which ‘may not be less than six years if the buildings are used for one of the following activities: 1) industrial, commercial and crafts…’ under Article 27 of Law No 392/1978).

Rental agreements for industrial buildings are subject to tacit renewal every six years. Agreements will not be renewed where one of the parties gives express notice of termination by registered mail at least 12 months prior to the agreement expiry date. These terms and conditions will be provided for in the agreement.

Termination of commercial property lease agreements is governed by the last two paragraphs of Article 27 of Law 392/1978, which state:

The parties have the option of allowing the lessee to terminate the agreement at any time by means of notice sent to the lessor by registered mail at least six months prior to the date on which the termination will take effect.

Regardless of any contractual provisions, the lessee can, on serious grounds, terminate the agreement at any time by giving at least six months’ advance notice by registered mail.’

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