What is self storage?

Self storage involves rental of closed private spaces for storage of property by individuals and companies who lack room for keeping documents, furniture or other unused but still useful office or household items.

Self storage is the solution that gives you access to a space to leave items while moving, renovating, or away travelling, to store work equipment, to free up space in your garage or even to use for filing.
In a world where space is increasingly at a premium, and where apartments are getting smaller while prices for office-space are on the rise, many find themselves falling back on garages, basements or even rental premises, without realising that not all these options are suitable or secure for storage.

A self-storage solution is a secure, clean and dry private storage facility, provided under flexible conditions and guaranteeing 24/7 surveillance and easy access.
And because we also operate self-storage facilities, we know that the Italian market is booming and that significant growth can be expected in the sector. This is a business that can generate excellent returns of up to 15-20%.

Could this be your business opportunity?

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Why build a self-storage facility?​

  • Low property-conversion costs;

  • Plenty of available property on the market;

  • Business project suitable for gradual approach to investment, reducing risk even for start-ups;

  • Low overheads;

  • Good resistance to periods of recession;​

  • Guaranteed and stable cash flows;

  • People and companies increasingly living and working on the move, with flexible space needs;

  • Leases for traditional spaces (warehouses, industrial sheds, garages) too rigid and binding;

  • Household upheavals relatively normal and unpredictable (births, deaths, divorces, renovations, etc.);

  • Commercial/industrial/service-sector businesses need to store materials and goods for moves, new openings, closures, and so on;

  • Project can also be integrated into other commercial, industrial, or service-sector activities. (Even a small area of a premises can be used for self storage, adding a good income stream to your business).

How to build a self-storage facility with Doss Trento snc

Converting an unused property for a new business project is easy.

From analysis to site visit, from design to consultancy, you can benefit from of our long experience as self-storage operators (link to MdC) and the 100% made-in-Italy quality of a finished, turnkey product.

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