How much does it cost to build a self-storage facility?

A range of variables can affect the cost of a self-storage facility. For example, installations with small units, and so with more doors, cost more per square metre than facilities of the same size with larger units. Labour costs for the assembly time of the partitions also need to be factored in and increase proportionally with the number of units.
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How long does it take to build a self-storage facility?

The build time depends on the size of the warehouse to be converted as a self-storage facility. Generally, a 500 m2 warehouse would take about two to three weeks to convert.
Construction times can be up to 20-30% longer depending on the construction approach chosen or required by the features of a given warehouse, such as internal heights, size of openings, existing installations, etc.

How much paperwork is involved in building a self-storage facility?

The following documents must be obtained to build a self-storage facility:
Certified notice of start of work (CILA) for non-structural alterations;
Proof of suitable intended use (goods storage) – almost all warehouses already have this intended use.

Is a caretaker needed?

No caretaker is needed thanks to recent developments in automation. Even our Warehouse of Things self-storage facility in Mattarello (TN) is caretaker-less and can guarantee our customers top-level security.

Is insurance needed? Are customers’ goods insured?

The facility certainly needs to be insured, but you can’t insure the stored goods yourself because as a storage operator you are not authorised to offer insurance. The self-storage contract does not require the owner/storage operator to insure customers using the self-storage service. Talk to your insurance company to find the right solution and give your customers peace of mind.

Is there a minimum area for self-storage facilities?

To be profitable and contain a sufficient number of units, we recommend that self-storage facilities be at least 500 m2.

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